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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Construction Begins

After receiving a call from Vince, the concrete guy inviting us to watch the piering, my boys and I went to the site, camera in hand.  Very exciting.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Key Dates

7th May 2010

Good news!  WISDOM removed their fill!

23rd April 2010

WISDOM are supposedly going to remove the fill, which has diminished in size after relocation.  It has been cordoned off at the top corner near Stream St. We'll see.

9th April 2010

Peter, our Site Supervisor sends Jandson Homes pictures showing 2 x dirt pile fills that need to be cleared before they go-ahead. Apparently, according to a home forum and Jandson, this is a problem especially with new estates. Our best guess is that WISDOM and METRICON building on either side of us have dumped their dirt on our land. HOW RUDE!

I contacted both of their offices requesting that they remove this. The cost from Jandson to us if they removed it on our behalf ranges up to $2,000!

After asking Jandson if they could merely push it to the side. Jandson reply that Chris, the Construction Manager has advised the excavators out on-site to push the spoil to one side so it is out of their way for the time being.

WISDOM Home in background

METRICON Home in background

7 April 2010
Jandson order a Pegout survey for completion by 9th April 2010

30th March 2010
Email from Jandson Homes. The files have now been moved from Contracts to Construction Dpt.
25th March 2010
RAMS post out the Authority to Commence Construction letter. We email a copy of this to Jandson Homes

18th March 2010
Jandson Homes post out
1) a copy of the Council Approved and stampled plans
2) a copy of the Home Owners Warranty Insurance and
3) a copy of the Builders Public LIability and Building Insurance.

We add a copy of the Building contract and post this to RAMS to approve the Authority to Commence Construction.

8th March 2010
DA approval received!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Internal Colours Chosen

9th February - Meeting with colour consultant.

After 3 hours, I'm pleased with the colours selected. After making the following changes:

1. Increasing the existing eaves to the mandatory minimum required
2. Reviewing and changing the exterior brick from colourbrick to an upgraded brick - Whitsunday "Keswick"
3. Removing the gate to the driveway
4. Confirming the light coloured driveway
5. Settling on a litestone "valley coal" feature for all columns and piers

the DRP approved our submission on the 25th February 2010!

Approval and amended drawings were submitted to Council on the same day.

To all those who have been reading about our progress and wondering how this affects our First Home Owners Grant stipulation that we have a slab layed within 6 months of the contract signing (24th September 2009), we have 3 weeks....we have a 99% chance we will miss this deadline.

....Plan B is completing the new documentation received from the OSR asking us to formalise our request for an extension by detailing and attaching the supporting authorisation request from Council and builder of why we missed this initial deadline.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Update by RAMS

Another letter arrived today, from RAMS.

They made a mistake, they were a bit too eager to increase the repayments.

The update is, instead of the $175.03 mentioned in my earlier post, the increase is $150.79 per month!

I STILL don't want your bananas!